Capital Oil and Gas, LLC. is a oil and gas trading company located in the USA.  Originally formed in 1992 as Omni Petroleum with headquarters in the UK, the name was changed to Capital Oil and Gas in 2000.  The operating headquarters were relocated to the USA in 2002.

Capital's primary activity is trading in crude and refined petroleum products. 

We also take on special projects such as our current business opportunity in Alberta, Canada where Capital has a large parcel of acreage available for development of 'tar sands', sweet 40 API crude, deep gas in the the Peace River area.


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          Fred Bohn


          Capital Oil and Gas, LLC.

          Two Renaissance Center

          40 N. Central Ave., Suite 1400

          Phoenix, Ariziona  USA

          Board:  +1-602-283-1300

          Mobile: +1-480-236-4222

          Fax: +1-602-243-1801